A Village Shattered Blog Tour Starts Dec. 1st by Jean Henry Mead

Please stop by my My Blog Book Tour page and sign my virtual guestbook. Three signed copies of my mystery/suspense novel, A Village Shattered, will be given away from among those who leave a comment at any of my guest tour hosts' blog sites between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15.

A Village Shattered is a Logan & Cafferty senior sleuth suspense novel featuring two feisty widows who discover their friends and club members are being murdered alphabetically. Dana Logan, a mystery novel buff, and Sarah Cafferty, a private investigator's widow, team up to learn the serial killer's identity when they realize their own names are on his list. The newly elected sheriff bungles the investigation as the killer hides in the San Joaquin Valley fog, ready to strike again. Dana's beautiful daughter Kerrie is in danger of being killed in the process.

A Village Shattered is currently available in multi-format at: >A Village Shattered and the print edition will be available at Amazon.com during the first week in December.


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