Tomorrow's start of Virtual Book Tours by Vivian Zabel

Want to discover books to read? Maybe visit the multiple blogs where authors and their books are being hosted starting Saturday.

On Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap, I'll host Suzanne Lieurance, giving a different post on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Part of the information will be about her book The Locket.

Anna Prezio will host me. I'm not sure what all she will have or how often she'll add to her blog this coming week. However, her blog already has information posted about Prairie Dog Cowboy and Midnight Hours.

I don't have a full schedule with all the URLs, but here are the ones I do have:

Kenneth Kahn will host Dianne Sagan

Linda Ballou will host Kathy Stemke

Patricia Crandall will host Matt Cory

Lanaia Lee will host Janet Ann Collins

Dr. John F. Murray will host Deborah Ramos

Rosemary Chaulk will host Nancy Famolari

Lillian Cauldwell will host Joy Delgado

Each blog will have information about a book or books, as well as about authors and characters.

Book Tours are a fun way to discover books and authors, and everyone can enjoy the trip.

Vivian Zabel
Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap
Vivian's Mysteries
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elysabeth said...

Interesting twist on the virtual tour. Hope it works out well. It will be fun watching how this develops.

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Love your blog. More than that I love the way you incorporate to the right the others.

Looking forward to the tours.

Jennifer Gladen said...

Great idea for the VBT.

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